What is INETCO Insight?

INETCO Insight® is an independent transaction monitoring software and data streaming platform that provides a real-time, end-to-end operations view into the performance of all digital banking transactions happening within your omni-channel banking, self-service networks, and payment processing environments. Accelerate digital transformation strategies by optimizing the capture of rich transaction data enterprise-wide, and feeding it directly into channel management, analytics, fraud monitoring, IT performance and cash management systems of choice.

Monitor transaction-level data across all channels

View end-to-end operations performance, enterprise-wide

Gain a one-stop view across all banking channels

Receive real-time alerts based on card errors, slowdowns and failures

Lower the cost-to-serve

Resolve transaction slowdowns, time outs and failures 65-75% faster

Improve first call resolution rates

Reduce service dispatches

Deliver an amazing omni-channel experience

Reduce failed consumer interactions by up to 26%

Improve availability across all self-service devices

Forward customer transaction data to any application or team that needs it

What is INETCO Analytics?

The INETCO Analytics® on-demand banking and customer analytics platform provides game-changing knowledge of where, when and how customers interact with your retail bank or financial institution.

Whether you are tracking card performance across all banking channels, detecting transaction anomalies, or trying to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and channel profitability, it is time to make data access the focus of your analytics strategy.

With on-demand access to continuously streamed transaction data and business insights, you can now make timely decisions that will have a positive impact on profitability and the end customer experience – across all self-service banking channels, payment processing and card service provider environments.

Understand customer engagement across all banking channels

Visualize every consumer interaction across all banking channels  

Spot top customers and acquisition opportunities

Run predictive modeling and algorithms for faster, better decisions 

Improve profitability through data-driven business strategies

Understand placement and profitability of all self-service devices 

Customize views for operations, channel and fraud teams

Focus on data that is important to you

Combine data-driven intelligence with timely actions and reporting

Speed up reporting across all banking channels 

Continuously refresh customer transaction data 

Blend and ingest multiple types of data